St Peter, Dunton, Norfolk

DL 3 Jan 2016 768

Dunton is a hamlet near Fakenham in Norfolk. On our way back from a tea room, Mum and I decided to drop by Dunton, because that’s what we like to do! The church is in the middle of the image above and has a rectangular cemetery. In the area, and Anglo-Saxon cemetery has been excavated, but the church itself dates to the 14th/15th century.

DL 3 Jan 2016 754

It’s lovely. I am sucker for flint churches and this one has a lovely ambience. Unfortunately, the keyholders were out, so we couldn’t look inside, but as it was such a bright day we got some tantalising tastes of stained glass.

DL 3 Jan 2016 756

You can see other good images here. This window is in the north chancel. Designed c.1896 by Heaton, Butler & Bayne, the window is dedicated to the memory of Edward and Mary Powell. It depicts an angel announcing to Mary Magdalene and the ‘other’ Mary that Christ has risen from the dead.

DL 3 Jan 2016 758

There’s another incredible window full of peacocks (above), but I was looking at the interior too.

DL 3 Jan 2016 762

We were quite excited by how old the door appears to be – with a low and interesting lock. DL 3 Jan 2016 764

At either side are fine sculpted female (I think) faces. I absolutely loved this one. A mixture of grace and a #strongbrowgame.

I think Dunton is lovely, and I am certain to return – mostly because I want to see the unusual lectern bases.

DL 3 Jan 2016 755

DL 3 Jan 2016 761

A 2016 goal is to try and go to either Harvest Festival or the Candlelit Carols. I really loved that attitude that churches like this can mean so much for different people.

DL 3 Jan 2016 760

Many thanks to Norfolk Churches Trust!


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