Holy Trinity Church, Wensley

Whenever Wensleydale comes up in conversation, I trot out the old fact that it is the only one of ‘The Dales’ to be named after its town, rather than its river. (The river is the Ure, by the way.)

Until recently I had neither visited Wensley, nor its Dale. However, with the Churches Conservation Trust app to hand. I made a detour to do just that.


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West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song – British Library, London

In 2015, I had a sort of watershed. I was house-sitting for a friend and realised when I looked at their shelves, filled with lots of African literature, that not only did I really have no idea about that, but I had no real idea about what any of the places in Africa were like. other than that some had famine and some had wild animals.  Continue reading “West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song – British Library, London”