St Mary’s, Stainburn, North Yorks

Who isn’t a sucker for lonely Norman churches with amazing views across Yorkshire?


It is in fact FAMOUS – having just featured in the TV series¬†Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.¬†Strange hangs about outside it for his one true love – who won’t marry him becauase he’s a bit of a waster. (I won’t spoil what happens next.) Continue reading “St Mary’s, Stainburn, North Yorks”

Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

The place was called Fountains, where, at that
time and afterwards so many drank of waters springing
up to eternal life as from the fountains of the Saviour.

William of Newburgh, twelfth-century Augustinian canon

DL 3 Jan 2016 340

Western Range awaiting carollers

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