St Anne & St Agnes, London


Whenever I visit London, I always try and walk between places. I’ve never had an urge to live there, and like (even when I’m there for work) to feel like a tourist. Walking helps that. Walking between Liverpool St and the British Library, I followed part of the London Wall and then rounded a corner to this church. It was open. Beguiled, I went inside.

The church in question is St Anne & St Agnes, a former church, now a music centre. Designed by Christopher Wren, preached in by John Wesley, with fascinating stories to tell. Continue reading “St Anne & St Agnes, London”


The Celts: Art & Identity, British Museum

I wouldn’t strictly say that the British Museum is a place of worship – though it can be a spiritual experience visiting there. However, I visited the exhibition with my friend who is pagan, for whom it really was a chance for pilgrimage.

Jan 16 049

Queen Mary Harp, 1450, National Museum Scotland

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